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Ethel Yang –  India
Last year, I met this tuberculosis (TB) patient in rural, central India. And though it may not seem like it, this is actually a moment of triumph for him. A month ago, he had started the 6-month treatment regimen for TB. And before he started treatment, he


HeadshotPeter Wasserman – Nairobi, Kenya
Every morning I wake up to a cacophony of Matatu horns and birds from the Savanah (holdovers from pre-colonial times), step outside my host family’s apartment, and am greeted by the curious smile of our Askari, Moses, asking me


Grace Lesser – Nepal
Constructed on the biggest fault lines in the world, Nepal is one of the world’s poorest countries. It is landlocked, between India and China, and mountainous, situated between the Himalayas and the plain of the Ganges river. The

Sneha Sheth – Mumbai, India

Most of our intellectual ability began to develop in our first five years of life. Yet, many of us take for granted the intellectual stimulation we received in early childhood. Sadly, children with low-income, illiterate parents do not experience


Marina Boleda – Lesotho, Africa
Due to limited education, high migration rates, challenging terrain, and scarce resources the healthcare system in Lesotho, a beautiful but rugged country on the southeastern tip of Africa, has some of the poorest


Sameera Chilakapati – Chennai, India
My name is Sameera and I am a graduate student in the MBA/MPH program at UC Berkeley. Through the generous support of the Rashell Young Fellowship, I spent this summer interning in Chennai, India with East Meets West Foundation


Molly Bode – Latin America and Caribbean Region
In late spring of 2012, I left Haiti with a heavy heart, not knowing the next time I would return or work on Haiti projects again. I had fallen in love with the country, the work, and the people I had met along the way


Braden Lake – East San Francisco Bay Area
The experience The Rashell Young Fellowship offered has been transformative for me and the community I served. I’ve been able to get real-world experience with the struggles community health centers face


Tammy Guo – Kisumu, Kenya
Since receiving funding from the Rashell Young Fellowship, we have sold 250,000 products with this innovative software system. After getting our start with small grants, we’re now funded by the Gates Foundation and Merck, and were recently invited to present the model at Google Demo Day! 


Suraj Patel – Nairobi, Kenya
Walking into the Jacaranda’s Kahawa facility each morning, I was always greeted by a hospital staff diligently working to prepare for the day ahead. Before long, the facility would be humming with activity and the waiting room would be packed to the brim, with those waiting